What is a 4G PTT Handsets? How does it work

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What is a 4G PTT Handsets? How does it work

The 4G PTT Handsets is POC Radio, or national 4G PTT Handsets. The 4G PTT Handsets is a by-product derived from the communication company's base station platform. The principle of transmitting voice signal based on idle time slot of base station channel is very similar to that of wechat. However, wechat has a disadvantage that the other party can't answer the voice immediately. Compared with the traditional walkie talkie, the public network interphone has more functions, such as group call, one-to-one call, line grab privilege, voice upload, video upload and so on. Different from traditional walkie talkie, plug-in card can break through the limit of distance. As long as both sides have network, they can be interconnected nationwide. With the development of technology and the improvement of consumer demand, national intercom has become the general trend.

4G PTT Handsets

The advantage of 4G PTT Handsets lies in its unlimited distance to the national walkie talkie. Due to the environmental constraints, the analog walkie talkie can only reach 1-3km communication distance, so is the digital walkie talkie. The plug-in interphone breaks through the limit of distance, so long as there is a network, the intercom can be connected. Today's all Netcom public network interphone uses 4G mobile communication technology to realize the full coverage of 5000 km network signal in China; no matter where you are, you can realize easy and fast pole intercom.