What is the Public network trunking intercom platform?

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What is the Public network trunking intercom platform?

Public network trunking intercom platform is a cluster communication system based on mobile network and using VoIP voice call technology to realize push to talk service. By using the intercommunication between mobile app access and intercom equipment, we can realize one-to-one, one to many and many to many global intercom voice intercom services, and help group enterprises realize the integrated management of agents, users, groups and terminals.

Main functions: Group intercom function, including single call, group call, no call, broadcast, group broadcast, associated group intercom; command and dispatch function: view and positioning, track playback, electronic fence, circle call, real-time video, visual scheduling, etc.

Rugged smartphone & Android radios of Push to talk over cellular

The advantages of public network trunking intercom system: it is not limited by distance. Based on the 2G / 3G / 4G network of the operator, the intercom function can be used within the signal coverage range of the operator. There is no need to build a private network to realize global intercom.

Public network trunking intercom system is widely used in public security, urban management, environmental protection, safety supervision, traffic law enforcement (railway, airport, port, bus, taxi), power industry, logistics management and many other industries.