What is push to talk over cellular smart radio(PTT phone)

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What is push to talk over cellular smart radio(PTT phone)

Push to talk over cellular smart radio(PTT phone) is a smartphone that supports intercom function. The smartphone adopts industrial IP68 waterproof and dustproof , dual PTT key design, which can realize one key intercom function when the smartphone screen is off.

Push to talk over cellular smart radio(PTT phone) needs to install the intercom application software, and cooperate with the software to realize the intercom function. Rugbee B9000 is a PTT phone. The product adopts smart-ptt trunking intercom system, which can realize single call, group call, command and dispatch.

smart-ptt PoC Trunking intercom system

System features:

1. Push to talk: the smartphone can be used as a walkie talkie, and the call can be connected quickly. Single call and group call can be realized by one key

2. One call and one response: the user capacity in the group is large and the group call is suitable for the scene of on-site command and on-site coordination

3. Cross domain linkage: it is not limited by region and distance, and can realize remote real-time scheduling

4. Speech Management: realize the forced insertion of speeches by different authorities and give priority to emergency instructions.

5. Simple networking: relying on China Telecom communication network, PTT system can be realized by adding PTT server.

6. User call priority: the user has call priority, and the administrator can set and modify the call priority of the user. In the same group, when the user with low priority is calling, the user with higher priority can interrupt his call at any time and make a call.

7 record playback: users can check and listen to the speech records of each group on the computer client software, and can play back each record, and can check and listen to all the call records of the enterprise in the enterprise management platform.

8. Authentication and encryption: when PTT client logs in, SHA1 MAC algorithm is used to authenticate the user.

9. Multi function dispatching console: it provides visual dispatching software, which provides rich functions such as forced insertion, forced disassembly, remote killing, forced pulling, monitoring, etc.

Rugbee PTT phone and smart-ptt PoC Trunking intercom system are widely used in various fields such as public security, emergency dispatching, railway transportation, airport, port, construction, water conservancy, electric power, forestry and other fields. It is used for the communication between industrial personnel and the command and dispatch of the general headquarters, so as to improve the communication efficiency and the rapid response ability to deal with emergencies.