The difference between rugged PoC smartphone and ordinary Walkie talkie

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The difference between rugged PoC smartphone and ordinary Walkie talkie

Walkie talkie is a kind of mobile dialogue tool. At present, walkie talkie can be divided into three categories: PoC radio, analog walkie talkie and digital walkie talkie.

Traditional walkie talkie: it is a radio walkie talkie with analog communication technology. The walkie talkie can simulate frequency signal. The intercom can realize dialogue by receiving and sending signals, and has the function of receiving and sending signals without interference. The walkie talkie is limited by the distance, and generally both sides can only use it within a few kilometers

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rugged PoC smartphone: intercom phone is a kind of IP interphone. Youshangfeng digital analog integrated intercom mobile phone also supports analog intercom and digital intercom functions. It digitizes and compresses voice through the data channel of mobile communication, and then sends it out through mobile Internet to form a cluster communication system. The three defense intercom mobile phone can realize unlimited distance and global intercom through the public network cluster intercom function. The disadvantage is the need for mobile network signal support.

Three rugged PoC smartphone is mainly used in public security, fire, police law enforcement command and dispatch, property company, logistics management and scheduling,