Basic knowledges about intrinsically safe explosion-proof ATEX smartphone in petrochemical plants

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Explosive environment: an environment (gas and dust) that may explode. Any place involving the production, processing, handling, storage, and transportation of explosive substances may form an explosive environment.

• Hazardous location: an area where a large number of explosive atmospheres or expected occurrences are sufficient to require special precautions for the structure, installation and use of electrical equipment.

• In the production areas of petroleum, chemical industry, coal, etc., the leakage of explosive substances will inevitably occur, and form explosive dangerous places with the air. According to information:

-In coal mines, 2/3 of the places are explosive and dangerous places;

-About 60-80% of oil production sites and refineries are explosive and hazardous locations;

-In the chemical industry, more than 80% of production workshops are explosive and hazardous locations.

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• explosive substances into three categories:

Class I: Mine methane;

Class II: Explosive gas mixture (including vapor and mist);

Class III: Explosive dust and fibers.

• North America divides explosive substances into three categories (classes). they are, respectively:

Class I-explosive gas;

Class II-explosive dust;

Class III-explosive fiber.

ATEX explosion-proof smartphone The main standard basis for the division of explosion hazardous areas

-GB50058-1992 Code for design of electrical installations in explosive and fire hazardous environments

-GB3836.14-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmosphere Part 14 Classification of Hazardous Locations

• Explosive hazardous areas are mainly classified based on the frequency and duration of explosive hazardous substances.

Like the IEC standard, there are 3 zones for explosive gas hazardous locations, namely zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2. Their corresponding definitions are as follows:

Zone 0: Under normal circumstances, an explosive gas mixture exists continuously or for a long period of time. (Above 1000h/y) (1 y = 8760 h)

Zone 1: Under normal circumstances, a place where explosive gas mixtures may occur. (10-1000h/y)

Zone 2: Under normal circumstances, explosive gas mixtures are unlikely to occur, or even if they occur, they are only a place for a short time. (Below 10h/y)

 Safe place: Less than 1h/y. 

ATEX explosion proof smartphone can be used in zone 1 and zone 2.